Amazon Product Launching & Ranking

Brandock not only understands the complexities involved in Amazon product launching & ranking. We also understand and stay up to date with the ever changing and evolving Amazon Algorithm. We use our experience and out of the box approaches and techniques to help our clients with their Amazon launching & ranking. Brandock Launching & Ranking team focuses on all aspects of the product launch and rank to ensure that it is able to find itself a profitable space on Amazon with a sizable market share of sales.

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How Does Brandock's Launching & Ranking Works?

Focus on Visual Media

Photography and videography are two of the core elements that help in Amazon product launching and conversion. Therefore, for an Amazon seller to a competitor, they need to focus a lot on the photos and videos. Brandock, therefore also assists businesses that plan to launch and rank products on Amazon using high-quality relevant images with a white background on Amazon as well as with the videography for showing its value for money and customer relatable usage.

Detailed Keyword Analysis

Our Amazon product launching strategy is meticulous. The aim is to go for Amazon product ranking using highly profitable and excellent conversion keywords. It means searching for those long-tail keywords that your competitors haven’t explored yet to improve the on-page for the product listing and improve it to for better ranking for AMZ product listing that works well for Amazon ranking factors & Google to make your listings stand out among competitors and help generate serious sales.

Sales Oriented Copywriting

In Amazon product launching, Brandock puts a lot of emphasis on the use of great copywriting. It means that we make sure to use SEO techniques that provide outstanding description along with emotion triggering copywriting to potential customers.

Planned Product Launches

Brandock focuses on providing highly targeted marketing efforts in alignment with the changing Amazon search algorithm. Amazon’s product ranking algorithm evaluates your product listing against competing and well-ranked product listing to know if it is a right fit to be ranked on top. Our team ensures to do product launches that are perfect and complete from every angle possible to ensure a perfect launch on Amazon online marketplace.

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