Amazon Product Hunting & Sourcing

Knowing what product to sell has always been a very tough to answer question for majority of the sellers. Not anymore. We have helped multiple of Amazon sellers find the best possible product with nice market gap and budget.

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Our Product Hunting Criteria

  • Niche Analysis
  • Market gap 
  • Variation Breakdown
  • Product Snapshot
  • Sales & Cash Forecast
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Product Snapshot

UK Marketplace

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US Marketplace

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US Marketplace

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Sales & Cash Flow


We take into account all the factors such as budget, inventory, advertising cost, sales velocity, targets, ROI and a bunch more factor to forecast how the product will perform in the short and long term.  

I have a product , can you make me this sale cash flow forecast too ?

Sponsored Ads Type

There are three type of campaigns type which serve a different purpose. The key to move and test the proven keywords in these different ad type to get most out of the strategy. 

Sponsored Products 

Show on the top of your keyword to your customer. This allows you to get top row placement even if your organic ranks are way high

Sponsored Brands

Offered to registered brands. You would need at least 3 SKUs you utilize this ad type. Get more variations in front of your customer at the very top of the page

Sponsored Display

A great way to advertise in front of customer who might buy someone else’s product. This placement is very useful when it comes to stealing and protecting your customers from others