Amazon Weekly Round-up: AI Advancements, Fulfillment Fees, Review Summaries, Exclusive Promotions, and More

Amazon Weekly Roundup

Welcome to our comprehensive Amazon Weekly Round-up post where we bring you the latest and greatest news tailored explicitly for Amazon sellers. Stay informed and ahead of the game with our curated collection of top stories, tips, and insights directly from the world of Amazon. Whether you’re an established seller or just embarking on your Amazon journey, we’ve got you covered.

Join us as we dive into the newest trends, strategies, policy changes, and everything else you need to know to thrive in the competitive marketplace. Let’s navigate the ever-evolving world of Amazon sellers together!

Table of Content

1: Amazon Reportedly Testing Generative AI Tools For Sellers
This blog discusses Amazon’s testing of an AI tool for generating product descriptions and its implications for ecommerce.
2: Amazon imposing a fee on sellers who ship products themselves
This blog discusses Amazon imposing a new fee on third-party merchants who ship products themselves.
3: Amazon Choice Badge Gets a Revamp
This blog discusses the recent revamp of the Amazon Choice badge, introducing two variations of the badge and how it can benefit sellers on Amazon.
4: Brand Tailored Promotions
Amazon’s new promotional tool helps sellers acquire new customers and build brand loyalty.
5: Amazon’s AI-Generated Review Summaries
This blog discusses Amazon’s new feature of using generative AI to create and display summaries of customer reviews on product pages.
6: Amazon Marketing Cloud
This blog discusses how advertisers can use Amazon Marketing Cloud to drive data-driven business decisions and improve their advertising campaigns on Amazon.

1: Amazon Reportedly Testing Generative AI Tools For Sellers

Here are the key takeaways from the article:

  • Amazon is testing an AI tool that generates product titles, descriptions, and bullet points for sellers.
  • Sellers can input keywords and the AI tool responds with potential titles and details for product listings.
  • The tool is under testing with a limited number of sellers and won’t replace human review and editing.
  • Amazon has strict guidelines for product descriptions, including compliance with style guides and restrictions on offensive content.
  • Other e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and Wix also offer AI-powered features for sellers.
  • AI-generated product descriptions can save time for sellers and potentially lead to increased sales and reduced returns.
  • However, there are concerns about the reliability of AI-generated content and the need for human review to ensure accuracy.

2: Amazon Imposing a Fee on Sellers Who Ship ProductsThemselves

 Here are the key points from the article:

  • Inc. is imposing a new fee on merchants who don’t use the company’s logistics services.
  • Thousands of third-party merchants who ship products via Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime program will start paying a 2% fee on each sale in October.
  • The new fee is on top of the commission merchants already pay Amazon, usually 15%, to sell products on the web store.
  • Merchants interpret the fee as an attempt to pressure them into using Amazon’s logistics services rather than fulfilling orders themselves.
  • Amazon claims the fee will help cover the costs of running a separate infrastructure and measuring its effectiveness.
  • Amazon captures about 37.6% of all online spending in the United States. Amazon is now facing an antitrust lawsuit from the U.S. government.
  • The timing of the fee has surprised some merchants and consultants, who were waiting for the FTC to take action against Amazon.
  • Amazon has been increasing fees on merchants in recent years to maximize sales growth in the core online operation.
  • The new fee targets merchants who use Seller Fulfilled Prime. It is a service that lets them handle logistics themselves and still get an Amazon Prime badge.
  • The fee will have a significant impact on some merchants’ profit margins, forcing them to raise prices.
  • Amazon has been making it harder for merchants to qualify for Seller Fulfilled Prime, leading most sellers to use Fulfillment By Amazon instead.

3: Amazon Choice Badge Gets a Revamp

Amazon Weekly Round-up

Here are the key takeaways from the article about the changes to the Amazon Choice badge:

  • The Amazon Choice badge highlights products that are highly rated, competitively priced, and available for immediate shipping.
  • Amazon has recently made changes to the Amazon Choice badge. They have now introduced two types of badges: “Overall Pick” and “Popular Brand Pick.”
  • The “Overall Pick” badge is awarded to items that excel in terms of quality, affordability, and speedy delivery.
  • The “Popular Brand Pick” badge is given to products that meet high standards and have gained popularity among consumers.
  • The “Amazon Choice” label will only be displayed on the Product Detail Page (PDP), not within search results.
  • The new badge presentation may lead to confusion, as there are now two variations of the Amazon Choice badge.
  • The Amazon Choice badge is a powerful tool to boost product visibility and attract potential buyers.
  • Sellers should adapt their strategies to take advantage of this recent development.

4: Brand Tailored Promotions

Amazon Weekly Round-up

Here are the key points from the article about Brand Tailored Promotions:

  • Brand Tailored Promotions is a tool introduced by Amazon to help sellers acquire new customers and build brand loyalty.
  • It allows sellers to offer promotional discounts (ranging from 10% to 50% off) to specific customer types to boost customer conversions, repeat purchases, and customer retention rates.
  • The tool enables sellers to target six audience types: Brand Followers, Repeat Customers, Recent Customers, High-Spend Customers, Potential New Customers, and Cart Abandoners.
  • By tailoring promotions based on past purchasing behavior, sellers can identify customers who are most likely to engage with their brand and improve return on investment on discounted promotions.
  • Brand Tailored Promotions is now available to all brand owners enrolled in the Brand Registry operating in Amazon’s U.S. store.
  • It will also be introduced to sellers in Europe, Japan, Canada, and Mexico in the coming months.
  • Sellers can learn more about Brand Tailored Promotions at Accelerate 2023, Amazon’s premier conference for selling partners.

5: Amazon’s AI-Generated Review Summaries

Amazon Weekly Round-up

Here are the key points to take away regarding Amazon’s AI-generated review summaries:

  • Amazon introduced a feature that uses generative AI to create summaries of customer reviews on product pages.
  • The AI review summary aims to provide a quick snapshot of the product’s pros and cons and customer sentiment.
  • The summaries are generated based on common attributes and themes mentioned in verified customer reviews.
  • Customers can click on specific attributes to read review highlights related to that attribute.
  • The feature is currently available for a small subset of mobile shoppers in the US.
  • The benefits of AI-generated review summaries include saving time for customers, improving the customer experience, building trust, and providing improvement opportunities for sellers.
  • However, there are some drawbacks, such as the potential oversimplification of reviews, the possibility of bias in emphasizing certain attributes, and the accuracy of the generated information.
  • The future of Amazon AI reviews will depend on two things. Firstly, how well Amazon can balance convenience and accuracy. Secondly how customers and sellers adapt to this new way of interacting with reviews.

6: Amazon Marketing Cloud

Amazon Marketing Cloud

Here are the key takeaways from the article:

  • Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a secure, privacy-safe cloud-based solution that provides aggregated data solutions to advertisers.
  • AMC allows advertisers to perform analytics across multiple channels and understand customers’ shopping journeys on and off Amazon.
  • AMC combines Amazon Ad Campaign data with advertisers’ own data sets to give a holistic view of campaign performance.
  • It does not show user-level data but instead groups the actions of 100 unique users and shows aggregated data to advertisers.
  • Advertisers can gain insights into audience behavior, customer journey analysis, media-mix analysis, purchase behavior analysis, and full-funnel advertising analysis using AMC.
  • To use AMC, advertisers need to have an executed Amazon DSP Master Service Agreement, run campaigns on DSP in the past 28 days, have familiarity with SQL database language, and have an AWS account.
  • AMC helps advertisers reach broader audiences, analyze new-to-brand insights, identify gateway ASINs, target specific Amazon DMA regions, and analyze conversion rates.
  • Amazon Marketing Cloud reporting complements the reporting capabilities available in Amazon DSP and provides pre-aggregated standard metrics.
  • Lastly, if advertisers are looking for a comprehensive marketplace platform that offers easy-to-understand marketing insights, they can consider SellerApp’s 360-degree marketplace platform.


In this exciting Amazon Weekly Round-up, we delved into a myriad of captivating topics that showcase Amazon’s ever-evolving landscape. From the cutting-edge world of generative AI tools for sellers to the revamped Amazon Choice Badge and lightning-fast delivery, there’s no shortage of innovation. We also explored how Amazon is revolutionizing the customer experience with AI-generated review summaries, exclusive discounts for loyal customers, and data-driven advertising through the Amazon Marketing Cloud. Stay tuned for more thrilling insights and updates in our upcoming roundups or click the link below to check out our Previous Amazon Weekly Round-up. Till then, embrace the future of e-commerce with Amazon!

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