Turning an Amazon Failure into a Success on Walmart

Turning an Amazon Failure into a Success on Walmart

Quick Background

This was a product which was launched in Amazon in 2019, as of March 2022, it reached 1000+ reviews but still wasn’t making much sales and all the profit was used up by PPC. Inventory stock was now more than 6 months old and Amazon started charging huge storage cost as well.

Walmart Account was also active and listings were also made but there were no sales there.

Reasons of Failure on Amazon

Audit was being carried out to diagnose the possible reasons. We found that,

  • Price of the listing was 20% higher than the market prices. The sponsored and organic rank of listing was in the middle of 1st page which further hurt the conversion rate.
  • The images were not good enough as it wasn’t revealing the quality and 3 dimension view of listing.
  • The overall revenue of this product had declined which affected the bottom rank sellers the most.

Having looked at all these factors and finding it real hard to tackle them with available inventory, specially due to the rising cost of selling and the ever decreasing prices of the competition, we made the decision to move towards Walmart for good.




Auto Campaigns with bid of $0.2

One Manual Campaigns of Main Keyword with suggested bid

One Manual Campaign of all Long Tail Keywords at suggested bid. We found two good converting keywords. We created individual campaigns of those two keywords.


SALES: 117 

IN $: $1556.57

TACOS: 40%

NET LOSS: -$170 (-12%)

The price set was very low to start sales as it was a new experience for us too.

Because our listing was complete with very good pictures, the conversion was quite good. Walmart gave us a “Best Seller” badge on main keyword. Only one review came and that too was 2-star but still sales kept coming.



One more listing was added to increase sales. An Individual Auto Campaign was created for this listing too.

This item was added in all Manual Campaigns.

Kept reducing bids of keywords on a per day basis as long as the sponsored rank was in top 4 spots.

Kept increasing the price of old listing slowly as long as sales velocity was maintained.

Also started ASIN Targeting Campaign which can be called as “Brand Buy Box” targeting in Walmart.

Got two 5-star Reviews, ranked organically in a few keywords and gained “Popular Pick” badge too on the main keyword.


SALES: 135

IN $: $1692.10

TACOS: 21.5%




Our focus in April was to start some sales and liquidate the stuck inventory. In May we worked on optimising PPC to come into profit. Now our aim was to become more aggressive and target more and more keywords and keep increasing impressions and man has it worked!



IN $: $1047.54

TACOS: 23.54%



Adding more variations in the same listing in the shape of different packs to increase up-selling

Experimenting new products with small quantities in same niche as customers are now trusting the brand quality