$19,760 Profit in 8 Months
with FBA Wholesale


Project Overview

We onboarded this client in April 2023. They had sold on Amazon before us and knew exactly what they were doing. Fed up with their previous team, they had one simple goal given to us: Make our account profitable again.


Although managing a wholesale account unaffected by any size of budget we have to utilize is a breeze to us, this account posed a special sort of challenge since it had a selling history before we took it on board, and it wasn’t a pleasant one. The team that managed this account before us had opted for selling inauthentic products and in some of the listings they indulged in unauthorized selling. Just as we had anticipated, Amazon started to come after us around November to December, effectively jeopardizing our efforts in selling profitable and original wholesale brands with full authorization.


We had to shift many of our products to FBA since Amazon suspended our seller fulfillment option. We constantly worked out on all a-z claims, complied with the customers affected, and supplied Amazon with documentation to prove and explain our adherence to Amazon policies going forward. All at the same time while still managing and maneuvering inventories and budgets around different brands and selling options.


Slowly but steadily, we have kept our target of achieving 100%+ annual ROI intact despite facing the challenges which originally we had no role in developing. By the end of December, we recorded a total profit of $19,760 against the investment of $30,000 in a period of 8 months. With an increased budget and confidence of our valuable client by our side, we are aiming for a much better year this time around.

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