Pioneering Profitable Partnerships in Ecommerce

Act 1: Origins

Once upon a time, in the vast, complex universe of ecommerce, four individuals— Syed Abdul Sami, Aftab Dhanani, Sheikh Ovais, and Imran Lakhani—each journeyed through different landscapes but with similar quests: to innovate, excel, and create value.

Meet Our Founders

Syed Abdul Sami

cEO & co-founder

The corporate warrior turned ecommerce enthusiast, skilled in the art of negotiation and team leadership. The pivotal figure at the frontend of business and operations. His decades long experience in business and people management helps Brandock smoothly navigate through all territories.

Aftab Dhanani


The digital architect, whose wizardry in tech gave form and function to innovative ideas. Aftab managed and scaled brands even before joining Brandock. He’s the brains behind the advertising strategies across multiple platforms including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Tiktok and more.

Sheikh Ovais


A digital alchemist who transformed basic ecommerce setups into gold mines. Sheikh delved into the digital marketing world in 2013. He developed, scaled, and sold multiple ecommerce brands, and is still in the pursuit of doing so for himself and the agency.

Imran Lakhani


The supply chain guru, who orchestrated the flow of products as beautifully as a maestro conducts an orchestra. Imran evolved Brandock’s wholesale and online arbitrage sectors, and continues to innovate and guide the agency and its clients toward untapped opportunities.

Act 2: The Fellowship

In late 2020, these four wanderers converged, realizing that by combining their unique talents, they could navigate the ever-changing terrains of ecommerce with more agility and insight. Brandock was born, initially as a workshop for their own ideas and projects.

Act 3: The Revelation

As they worked together, the fellowship soon discovered their collective talents were too great to be confined to their own ventures. They recognized a responsibility to offer ethical and competent services in an industry littered with imposters.

Act 4: The Growth

Instead of flashy campaigns or loud proclamations, Brandock chose a different path—let the quality of the work speak for itself. And speak it did. Word spread like wildfire, and the fellowship grew, not just in number but in strength and capability.

Act 5: The Philosophy

What sets Brandock apart isn’t just the sum of its founders’ expertise; it’s their philosophy. They never viewed their clients as mere transactions but as partners in a shared quest for growth and profitability.

Act 6: The Philosophy

Today, the Brandock fellowship has evolved into a formidable team of 30 experts, mentored dozens of interns, and partnered with over 22 clients, generating thousands in profits. Yet, they understand that the journey is far from over.

Your Invitation

Brandock’s story is one of growth, ethical business, and partnership. We invite you to be a part of this evolving narrative. Because at Brandock, we believe that the journey towards ecommerce success is one best traveled together.