Weaving Success - Textile Empire's 201.62%
Sales Growth With 5x Less
PPC Advertising Cost

Project Overview

Textile Empire: Weaving Quality, One Thread at a Time

Brandock partnered with Textile Empire, a formidable player in the competitive textile niche on Amazon. Dedicated to delivering top-tier products, Textile Empire faced the challenge of thriving in a cutthroat market where advertising is pivotal for survival.


Navigating the intricate landscape of Amazon’s competitive textile niche, Textile Empire grappled with the challenge of achieving profitability through advertising. The need to increase sales was clear, but doing so efficiently in a crowded space proved to be an intricate puzzle.


Brandock, specializing in Amazon advertising, implemented a strategic overhaul. Through meticulous campaign optimization, targeted keyword management, and a refined approach to ad spend, Textile Empire witnessed a 201.62% surge in sales. The transformative strategy achieved this remarkable growth with five times less advertising cost, demonstrating the power of efficiency in advertising management.


In the competitive world of textiles on Amazon, Textile Empire not only survived but thrived. The 201.62% increase in sales, coupled with a drastic reduction in advertising costs, showcased the tangible impact of our strategy. The reason behind low sales in recent months is the brand owner’s difficulty in keeping the product in stock. Which is posing another challenge for us, which consequently, will be a case for you to study in our next update. So stay tuned! 🙂

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