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Triumph with Brandock

Project Overview

Aerobe: Enriching Your Life, Elevating Your Air

Aerobe, in collaboration with Brandock, is on a mission to redefine daily living through innovative household items.
Powered by advanced technology and unwavering quality, our partnership ensures a seamless blend of comfort, serenity, and wellness in every home.


Approaching Brandock with a challenge of launching their brand successfully on Amazon leveraging the power of Amazon PPC, Aerobe faced a -38% overall profitability on their Amazon account and a high 42.37% Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS).
The need for strategic navigation in a competitive marketplace led Aerobe to seek a solution.


Over 8 months, we worked on a progressive aggressive strategy. From optimizing the product sourcing, listing images and PPC campaigns on Amazon, the collaborative effort achieved a tenfold increase in sales.

ACOS was reduced from 42.37% to 26.8%, emphasizing the power of a meticulous approach. The overall profitability transformed from -38% to 6.98%.


The collaborative journey of Aerobe and Brandock yielded impressive results. Sales flourished, guided by a refined strategy. ACOS reduction demonstrated the effectiveness of our approach, culminating in a profitability shift from -38% to 6.98%.
As Aerobe continues its ascent, our partnership remains a testament to successful, steady growth in the competitive Amazon landscape.

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