Sparking Brilliance - Relishous' 331.4% Revenue
Surge on Amazon with Brandock'

Project Overview

Relishous: Crafting Timeless Elegance in Dripless Taper Candles

Relishous, in collaboration with Brandock, is dedicated to redefining excellence in crafting dripless taper candles.

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled quality, transforming spaces into havens of timeless beauty.


Faced with the challenge of optimizing their Amazon presence, Relishous sought Brandock’s expertise. The issue lay in enhancing visibility and profitability, a common struggle for brands navigating the competitive Amazon marketplace.


Brandock, a leading Amazon PPC management agency, implemented a comprehensive strategy. This involved targeted optimizations of product listings, leveraging high-converting keywords, and refining advertising campaigns. The collaborative effort aimed to not only showcase the superior quality of Relishous but also ensure its products reached the right audience.


The concrete steps taken in Amazon PPC management yielded a remarkable 74% improvement in account profitability. Through meticulous keyword targeting, ad optimization, and strategic product placement, Relishous achieved enhanced visibility and sales. Brandock’s expertise played a pivotal role in elevating Relishous’ Amazon journey, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to crafting timeless elegance in every dripless taper candle. The astounding success story also includes an extraordinary 331.4% growth in revenue over the 7-month period, highlighting the impact of strategic PPC management on overall brand performance.

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