3rd Consecutive Year of Stable
100%+ Per Annum ROI with
FBA Wholesale


Project Overview

This is one of the early accounts that we personally started at Brandock.


Since it was and still remains the account on which we do the wildest experiments (being financed on our own), it has faced many challenges throughout its 3 year journey. From problems in customs clearance to Amazon not accepting our inventory to even them losing or damaging our inventory upon receipt, we have faced any hurdle you would think would not be possible in a business model like wholesale. And that is outside of the regular day to day challenges any business including fba wholesale has to face.


Thanks to our collaboration since our early days of working together, and now to our team members who are currently 35+ strong and still growing, there isn’t any problem that we haven’t been able to solve when it comes to Amazon FBA Wholesale.


The results are seen in a consistent takeaway ROI of over 100%+ for the 3rd consecutive year. While you might be able to see people boasting 200-300% ROI on their wholesale account, what we can tell from our experience is that this number is not something you can get without compromising on your risk tolerance or it is not something you can sustain in the long run.
We are happy and so are our clients since with this number we don’t have to be on the edge of our seats every single day, paranoid by what market or Amazon is going to do with us next. Afterall, a bird in hand is better than two in the bushes.

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