Making of $1833.23 in Profit
with $5,000 Invested

Project Overview

This is a wholesale store in the USA market, having no prior history of selling before we took over the store.


This store belongs to one of our moody clients. It’s not that they don’t have the money to invest or they’re not too confident in us or this business model. It’s just that they have too little time on their plate to actively engage in the inventory ordering process that we have to request our clients for after we have extensively evaluated a product and brand for its profitability on Amazon. Due to this, we did not have the advantage of having all the budget in hand at the right time to utilize the best possible opportunities as they came over time. This is not much of a problem for us as much as it is for the client themselves. But still, it has significantly affected the profitability of the account.


Our solution to this situation has been nothing radical. We have ensured that the client is still getting the best value of the money they have invested in splits. At the same time, our communication has been on top since we want to ensure that the client is completely aware of the adverse effects delays in collaboration can have on the overall profitability of the account. So there are no surprises and no disappointments, something we put great emphasis on.


The outcome is not much different as you would expect. We have designed our 7-step wholesale process as such that it wouldn’t matter the amount of money that you invest, we stick to our basics and troubleshoot issues as they appear, we are destined to have 100%+ ROI on total investment in any given year.

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