Brandock offer a variety of services required to make this Amazon selling voyage of yours a pleasant one. From find you a PL worthy product to managing your account completely, we have it all.

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Amazon PL Product Hunting & Sourcing

Knowing what to sell or make a brand around on Amazon is the key. We check each product on over 300 data points.

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Amazon PPC Advertising Management

According to a survey among Amazon sellers, PPC is the top ranked aspect where seller tends to face issue, whether it is the technicalities or having troubles with coming up with strategies.

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Amazon SEO Listing Optimization

Having an optimized SEO listing is as important as good PPC. Getting Indexed and ranked on relevant kws is the key to keeping Unit Session Percentage above the average.

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Amazon FBA Private Label

Amazon FBA PL is hectic process. Going through it can be tough.

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Amazon Wholesale

Amazon Wholesale is a great way to jump start your ecommerce business on a low budget

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Amazon Online Arbitrage

Amazon Online Arbitrage is a nice way to make quick money in the Amazon ecosystem

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Running a business presents enough challenges. Amazon shouldn’t be one of them. With on your side, you can and will grow your brand. 

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