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Brandock Wholesale FBA Blueprint – Module 4 - Product Data Evaluation

Building on the foundation laid in our previous guides on product research, brand research and outreach, we now venture into the next step in our Amazon FBA Wholesale journey – product evaluation. Having successfully sailed through the seas of choosing the right products and understanding the brands behind them, it's time to dive deeper. In this leg of our journey, we'll demystify the process of evaluating a brand's catalog. Let's refine your product selection skills and take the next step towards your Amazon FBA Wholesale success.

The Significance of Prudent Product Evaluation

Why does the process of evaluating products matter so much? In the vast Amazon marketplace, not all products are created equal. The right products can elevate your business, attracting customers, driving sales, and ultimately contributing to your success as an Amazon FBA Wholesale seller. With the supplier's catalog in hand, let's explore the systematic approach to identify products with the greatest potential for consistent profitable sales.

Step 1: Scan with Scan Unlimited

Begin your evaluation journey with Scan Unlimited, a powerful tool that provides UPC numbers, Amazon fees, and ASINs. This initial scan lays the groundwork for a comprehensive analysis of each product in the catalog. Scan Unlimited streamlines the process, offering valuable data that will aid in making informed decisions about the profitability of each product.

Step 2: Apply Filters

Now, armed with data, apply filters to narrow down your options. Manually scrutinize products that show a profit above $0, ensuring they meet the following criteria:

Stability in Selling Price: Prioritize products with a stable selling price in the last 30 days. This stability is an indicator of consistent demand and market equilibrium. A stable selling price minimizes the risk of price fluctuations that could affect your profit margins. Setting a profit threshold ensures you focus on products with substantial earning potential, optimizing your investment.

Step 3: Considerations for MOQ

Calculate the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) based on a formula considering monthly sales velocity, the number of sellers, and a 3-month selling period. Estimating MOQ strategically aligns with efficient inventory management, preventing overstock or understock situations.

Step 4: Check Buy Box Rotation

Utilize the Keepa Buy Box tool to assess buy box rotation. Confirm that your estimated MOQ aligns with the percentage of buy box shares you anticipate. Winning the buy box is crucial for visibility; understanding its rotation percentage ensures your product gets the spotlight it deserves.

Step 5: Direct Shipping to Amazon

Choose products that facilitate direct shipping to Amazon, simplifying logistics and reducing handling time.

Step 6: Free Shipping

Products with free shipping options are often more attractive to buyers, potentially boosting your sales.

Step 7: Payment Method

Consider the payment methods accepted by the supplier and choose options that align with your financial preferences.

Step 8: Labeling

Evaluate the labeling requirements for each product, ensuring compliance with Amazon's guidelines and avoiding potential issues.

Step 9: Lead Time

Understand the lead time involved in getting products from the supplier to Amazon's warehouse, allowing for better planning.

Step 10: Shipping From?

Consider the supplier's location and assess how it may impact shipping times and costs, factoring in potential logistical challenges.


In closing, our journey through Amazon FBA Wholesale has now led us to the crucial phase of product evaluation. Armed with the powerful Scan Unlimited tool, we've sorted the data, applied filters, and calculated MOQ strategically. Understanding the dynamics of buy box rotation and considering logistics details like direct shipping and labeling requirements are integral steps in this process.

Our next destination is the ordering phase – where MOQ is solidified, and a final brand check is executed.

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